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[13:57:27] mwcua2013 :

Welcome to the Miracle Marathon webinar! We are about to get started. At this time we are muted and will turn the sound on in just a couple of minutes.

[13:57:52] Guest[MaryAnnCCU] :

:) Thanks

[13:59:22] mwcua2013 :


[14:00:43] Guest[steve] :

have you started?

[14:00:54] Guest[steve] :

I cannot hear anything

[14:01:10] mwcua2013 :

Hi Steve, we're just getting started. Can you hear? Be sure your speakers are on and turned up.

[14:01:19] Guest[steve] :

just read the muted notes

[14:01:22] Guest[steve] :


[14:01:31] mwcua2013 :

No worries. Can you hear us now?

[14:01:47] Guest[steve] :


[14:02:13] mwcua2013 :

Can any of you hear?

[14:02:20] mwcua2013 :

We are now live!

[14:02:42] Guest[steve] :

still no

[14:03:25] Guest[MaryAnnCCU] :

I can - MaryAnn

[14:03:33] mwcua2013 :

Thanks, Mary Ann.

[14:03:44] Guest[steve] :

I can now

[14:03:54] mwcua2013 :

Great, thanks Steve!

[14:17:19] Guest[MaryAnnCCU] :

Do you have any spanish brochures for our Brighton location?

[14:20:15] Guest[PolinaY] :

We are now participating in Miracle Jeans Day and are asking members for donations. What would you suggest for us to do so that it doesn't sound like we're constantly asking for donations?

[14:21:03] Guest[LaTrice] :

Is the registration fee per team or per participant?

[14:21:09] Guest[MaryAnnCCU] :

Thank you

[14:21:41] Guest[steve] :

how does a virtual TEAM look or cometogether

[14:30:54] Guest[AQuinn] :

Are credit union supposed to create our own teams or sign up our employees/members under the "Credit Unions in Colorado" team?

[14:33:13] Guest[DrewGiffin] :

Will this presentation be emailed to us after this? Some great info to share with our employees.

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